We believe in a multifunctional agricolture, fully integrated with touristic and catering activities. This is the best way to promote our local territory, so full of history, archeology and culinary traditions.

In the Azienda Agricola Abbruzzetti farmhouse you can find a typical restaurant, where you will taste traditional dishes from Marche region in a beautiful terrace overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

Our company also produces vegetables, legumes, cereals, wheat, corn and fruits.

We always have a full offer of seasonal products, directly grown in our open fields.

We raise barnyard animals (especially chicken) and, through our olive groves, we produce an excellent extra-virgin olive oil.

Azienda Agricola Abbruzzetti e Agri-Campeggio

E-Mail: info.abbruzzetti@gmail.com
Indirizzo: C.da S. Pietro Vecchio, 63900 Fermo FM
Telefono Maria Pia: 339-7385950
Telefono Silvio: 339-5933989

Mesi di apertura: Marzo-Settembre

Frantoio Abbruzzetti
Indirizzo: Contrada Lago 2, 63825 Monterubbiano FM
Telefono: 0734-59207
Telefono Maria Pia: 339-7385950

Mesi di apertura: Ottobre-Dicembre

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