The Abbruzzetti Oil Mill is equipped with 2 milling plants, the traditional pressure system completely renewed over the years and the new continuous cycle plant which represents the best technologically possible.

The oil produced by the Oil Mill Abbruzzetti is the result of a history of over a hundred years in which the founding values ​​are passion, respect for tradition and an unmistakable spirit of innovation.

With the commitment and the utmost attention to all the phases of the production process we obtain a high quality extra virgin olive oil extracted strictly from the cold and obtained from the Leccino, Frantoio and Carboncella cultivars. Olives are harvested in October and processing takes place within 8 hours. The medium fruity oil with sweet notes of almond, round on the palate with a slight herbaceous sensation, bitter and spicy on the finish, has a greenish color with golden yellow tones.

Particular care is given to the storage of the oil: in the controlled temperature room are inserted stainless steel tanks equipped with a nitrogen system (inert gas that prevents oxidation).

Azienda Agricola Abbruzzetti e Agri-Campeggio

Indirizzo: C.da S. Pietro Vecchio, 63900 Fermo FM
Telefono Maria Pia: 339-7385950
Telefono Silvio: 339-5933989

Mesi di apertura: Marzo-Settembre

Frantoio Abbruzzetti
Indirizzo: Contrada Lago 2, 63825 Monterubbiano FM
Telefono: 0734-59207
Telefono Maria Pia: 339-7385950

Mesi di apertura: Ottobre-Dicembre

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