Azienda Agricola e Frantoio Abbruzzetti

Natura Cibo e Genuinità

Our history

The traveler who occasionally finds himself walking along the sinuous roads that run through the hills of Fermo can admire a landscape of the most unique and typical of central Italy: green hills with soft curves, ancient villages, expanses of undulating vineyards and olive trees with broad foliage.

In this environment, in Monterubbiano (10km from the sea and 465m. above s.l.), in 1940 Mr. Silvestro Abbruzzetti decided to buy a mill to support the already known farm. He undertook this new activity limited to the production of a genuine oil for his own use and for some privileged friend.

Since then many things have changed. The Abbruzzetti family, always farmers and lovers of the land and its products, has transformed what was an ancient family tradition into a passion to share with those who love and appreciate the flavors and aromas of the past.

In the last thirty years the mill is run by grandchildren Silvio and Loriana, supported by the daughter Mariapia, who are directly involved in management doing this activity with a lot of passion and expertise, attending courses for professional tasters and panel leader, refresher courses, and constantly following the evolution of the sector.

Over time, the agricultural company Abbruzzetti has made multifunctionality its strong point, in fact it has recently been expanded with the purchase of land in the territory of Fermo where they have been created a tasting point and an agri-camping with adjoining heated pool.



Oil mill

Azienda Agricola Abbruzzetti e Agri-Campeggio

Indirizzo: C.da S. Pietro Vecchio, 63900 Fermo FM
Telefono Maria Pia: 339-7385950
Telefono Silvio: 339-5933989

Mesi di apertura: Marzo-Settembre

Frantoio Abbruzzetti
Indirizzo: Contrada Lago 2, 63825 Monterubbiano FM
Telefono: 0734-59207
Telefono Maria Pia: 339-7385950

Mesi di apertura: Ottobre-Dicembre

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